Thank you is something most of us say often. We say thank you to our coworkers, our students, our principals, our parents, our family, our friends, our doctors, our dogs, etc.

But… when do we say thank you to the things that don’t understand us? Yes, this is a bit odd, weird, strange, and even creepy, but my man, Jimmy Fallon, inspired me to do this. He has the best skits and one is the thank you cards. I know that I cannot come close to Jimmy, but he inspired me to be creative and think outside the box, so enjoy.

Thank you to coffee for making me and those who encounter me in the morning happier, you do more than you’ll ever know.

Thank you to the coffee pot in my classroom. You smell up our room, but everyone who walks in it enjoys it. You gives us a much need energy boost.

Thank you food-I cannot thank you enough. You cure my hangry personality that happens daily, yes daily. My friends know me for my famous quote, “Let’s all acknowledge and understand my hangriness.” I’m not me when I’m hungry… I’m more of a Tasmanian devil. My coworkers know if I ever get negative at work to feed me, my boyfriend knows the tricks of the trade, and my family is always eating. Hangriness runs in our family is all I will say…

Thank you crockpot, you make my cooking taste 12 times better, and I never give you enough credit!

Thank you Danny’s iPad. You’ve provided me with useless hours of Netflix and Pinterest. I never understood why you are so small, but you fit perfectly in my abnormally small hands.

Thank you books, for letting me get lost in you for countless hours. You take away my pain, bring me happiness, add to my creatively, spark ideas, find characters that relate to me, and open my eyes to so many lessons. Thanks for providing me with a vacation I can hold in my hands.

Thank you target dollar spot, you’re a toxic relationship, but you provide me with all the necessities to make most of my Pinterest dreams come true. I’m also slightly mad at you for the amount I spend on you on a regular occurrence, it’s rather annoying. Love-hate relationship we have going here.

Thank you to my curly hair…even though most days I hate you, you always make it easy to get ready. Yes, you are hard to control and make people think I am seventeen, but you are always loyal and always curly. Danny calls you “Maddy Hairs” because you end up everywhere, but I always support you and tell him that he should be thankful because it is just us saying hi and that we love him.

Thank you winking emoji for allowing me to do a facial expression I am unable to perform without someone thinking I am having a bad reaction to something.

This was just a fun reflection that mirrored my hyper mood. Hope you enjoyed, I sure did, even though it was rather silly.


2 thoughts on “Oh things, thank you!

  1. Yes, I did. I really enjoyed this. Your thank-you’s are so creative and meaningful. I have a daughter that gets like that when she’s hangry! The one I relate to the most is the thank-you books. This is a fun and creative format to show your gratitude.

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  2. I love Jimmy’s Thank You Card segments, too! He’s a funny guy. Yours were great, too. I learned a lot about you as well. I totally get you on the hangry thing…that’s me, too! I’ll pass on the coffee though. 🙂


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