To Do

I am a huge “to do” list person. I need to do it all the time in order to feel success and get work accomplished. Today, that is the only thing on my mind.

Life To Do:

  • clean bathroom
  • clean out fridge
  • read for my masters class
  • look up restaurants for Destin
  • text my girlfriend and congratulate her on her engagement!


School To Do:

  • organize cubbies
  • pass out science journals
  • weekly news letter
  • padlet
  • take home all seven coffee cups
  • group students for testing


I didn’t write yesterday. I completely forgot to write, post, and even check my computer/phone.

I could look at this situation, and decide to quit it. I failed. I am done. Oh well, moving on.

OR I can look at it and try again. Yes, I didn’t successfully finish the challenge, but I am not done with the challenging myself.  I can gain the motivation to keep going.

On that note, see you tomorrow!


Today is my birthday! I actually do not enjoy celebrating my birthday. I think it is silly, yet I love celebrating others and their birth! I do not like the attention on me, I do not like making others do things for me, but I do like to feel appreciated.

Lately, I have been going through some stuff with my personal life. I have made huge life decisions that helped me and showed me who my true friends are. The ones who do not make excuses, who always show up, and who always have my back. This birthday, I have seen friends come out of the woodwork and support me. Who have gone above and beyond to make my day special, because I need it this year. I am so thankful for them.

Birthdays are usually silly to me, but this one is different. I am so thankful that this birthday has taught me so many new things about my friends and myself. That is the best present of all.


OH, and one of my students got me an Ouija board! I am a firm believer in ghost, and no matter what, if we talk about ghost I can’t help but cry!


I am the happiest  when I am outside. I love being outdoors. Drinking my coffee outside, sitting and reading, hiking, sitting with friends, doing homework, I would rather do everything outside if I could. It is my happy place. My parents house growing up was right next to a park called Castlewood. I would run there and hike. In high school, my friends and I used an open part of it for kickball, or our meeting grounds, we felt like we owned it.

In college, my mom would call me on nice days just to say, “Where are you sitting today?” My response would range from a bench, a picnic table, the schools soccer field, bleachers, or a hammock. I would find a way to end up outside. Even if it was for five minutes, it was enough for me to regroup, calm down, and feel happy.

As an adult, when I am stressed, I go outside. I hike often even on cold days, I love being outside. Something about nature just puts me at ease.

As a teacher, I want my kids to love outside like I do. I want them to appreciate just being outdoors, even if it means working. I want them to enjoy the outdoors and find excitement in being outdoors. I believe the outdoors sparks adventure and creativity, and I want to help foster that love.

The outdoors is my happy place, is it yours?


I haven’t done anything for myself in a long time. I was always doing stuff for others and rarely getting the same result/support. It made me feel so bad about myself. It was shocking. So, I did something about it.

I called my mom and she goes, “You always did stuff for him, what do you want to do for once?”

My response, “Travel with no regret.”

“Do it.

I am turning 25 on Friday and I decided to make it the year of the trips.

Upcoming planned trips…

  • Colorado to visit my brother and do a two day hike over a pass/camping.
  • Hamptons to visit my best friend from college. He gets me.
  • Hawaii to visit my soul mate. She is the one who knows my darkest secrets yet always supports me and cares for me. She never quits me.

Maybe trips…

  • D.C to visit my teammate from college and the girl who knows everything. I’d vote for her to be our president.








Sun peaks in through my window as I slowly start to wake up. I feel extremely well rested and calm…until I look at my clock. 7:33. A good hour and a half past my usual alarm. I leap out of my bed, throw on a dress so I don’t have to match, brush my teeth, skip the coffee, and rush out the door.

I proceed to go back in the door because I forgot my lunch. Back to the car. Back to the door for my purse. Check to make sure I have a set of tennis shoes and workout clothes for my hike after school. Zip out the drive way.

Turn on spotify…”waiting” not enough storage. Change to radio. Silly talk show over eggs. Back to spotify, still waiting, back to radio. Then to silence.

8:01. Pull up to school. Park. Jump out (without teacher bag). Back to car. Back to walking. Three questions over students and meetings by the time I reach my hall.

8:06. Reach my room, unlock the door, rush and prepare for my day.


Saturday night with my girls from college…we weren’t thinking of our problems or our troubles. We were just a group of girls heading out for a fun night together. We got dressed and hopped into our Uber…were we proceeded to be extremely annoying signing, making jokes, and asking our driver questions. We asked the normal questions of, where are you from, how old are you, etc.

I asked, “What is the best advice you’d give us girls for tonight?”

I was expecting either “don’t talk to boys” or “save your money” instead we got, “Don’t let anyone touch your happiness.” We all laughed at the response, but my friend Julia asked him to elaborate.

He goes on about how our happiness is ours, and we shouldn’t let others ruin it. We shouldn’t let others “touch” our happiness. It is ours, it is sacred, and fragile. People influence others happiness in all sorts of ways, but we can’t let people take our happiness. WE can choose to be happy even when it is so hard, we can still pick happiness, laughter, and joy. We can find the light at the end of the tunnel if we try, and we can choose to laugh. Only we can make our happiness, others (like my girlfriends) can help make us happier.

It was awesome.We talked about it on our drive home for a good hour. We can choose happiness. We make our own happiness. We can build our own happiness. Others only enhance the happiness.


Lucky Friends

“True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.”

This weekend I traveled up to Chicago for one of my best friends birthday from college. When reflecting back on our friendship, we noticed that although we all don’t live in the same city, we always pick up where we left off.

One of us is in D.C for a nonprofit organization helping with social workers. One is in Chicago being a school social worker. One is in Springfield getting her doctorate. Then two of us are in Saint Louis, myself a teacher, and the other works for a company called Worldwide.

We met in college and came from all over. We don’t see each other often, but when we do we pick up right where we left off. It is extremely heartwarming to have such amazing friends that know how to make you smile, laugh, and enjoy every moment. I’m pretty lucky.


I was slacking on inspiration this morning and decided to google “ideas for slice of life.” I found a cool idea for “I…” so I am giving it a try!

I keep rethinking a huge decision I made, but keep believing I did the right thing.

I wish I traveled more.

I dance often, but terribly.

I sing out loud all the time.

I think I am stronger than I ever thought I was.

I really should stay strong.

I need to start running again for my half marathon.

I can do anything I put my mind to.

I like to be around people even if it is doing nothing.

I always overthink.

This as a fun challenge that challenged me. It was hard to decide where to take the prompt, but overall I learned a lot about where my mind is! 

Road Trip Round Two

I am going out of town this weekend to Chicago to visit my best friend, roommate, and teammate for her 25th birthday! I have to pack, find her balloons, wrap her gift, coordinate driving with two of my friends, and clean the house.

Instead….I decided to go to my friends house for frozen pizza, salad, Ted Drewes and a documentary.

She was one of my best friends at SLU, my teammate, and the girl I go to for a smile. She is the definition of an amazing friend. She is one of the reasons I loved college. We both tore BOTH of our ACL’s in soccer, love Mario Kart, and survived early morning soccer followed by a day of teaching together. She goes above and beyond to make you feel welcomed, and always has a joke!

So last night we sat together, gossiped, caught up on each others lives, talked about teaching, and where we want to be in ten years. Although I got home later than I wanted, didn’t get to my whole to do list, and got to bed later than usual… I would rather hang out with my amazing friend making laughs, memories, eating ice cream and having a good time together.