I have an amazingly hard time with boundaries. I tend to drop everything for others even if it means exhausting me, draining me, and even causing me to lose me.

This week, I received Teacher of the Year! I am so honored, and shocked. Majorly shocked. I am going to share my essay tomorrow.. it’s kinda how I rebelled to the question “What lesson are you proud you taught…”

Today, I got asked so many questions by students, parents, coworkers, boyfriend, mom, and so much more. I was exhausted. I wanted to eat my Girl Scout cookies, and watch Parks and Rec.. with no one.

I went to coach my freshman girls, went to the gym for an hour long class, and reappeared to a text saying, “Let me know when you’re free so we can celebrate.”

I said yes initially.. than 20 minutes later I canceled. I said had to say no. I’m too tired, I want to see you, but I need me time. I was shaking, I hate saying no to others. I was scared of his response.. until I got his response.

“Well, check Venmo. Go get yourself Chick Fila. I’ll see you tomorrow. How was class?”

Ugh, I hate saying now, but no to the right people with them accepting it…. is pretty awesome.



7 thoughts on “No

  1. Congratulations on such an honor! I have been trying to say no for so many years. I actually think it has gotten harder and harder. Please take it from me . . . keep practicing. Your friend who sent you a Venmo is a gem!


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