My whole life I’ve known I’m a mountain girl, but this year solidified it. One of my favorite quotes,”You can either laugh up the mountain, or cry. Please laugh.” Or do both 🤷🏼‍♀️

Others to me then…

“I didn’t know you were that far gone..”

“Oh my gosh, he did what?!”

“You’re kidding… how could she even.”

“I can’t believe you did that for others, Maddy. That’s a big red flag.”

“Did you even noticed?”

“I’m so glad this happened, this is the Maddy I know..”

“Maddy, how do you stay so positive?”

“You’re confident.. I love it.”

“I look back a year ago and I regret not knowing that wasn’t you.. this is.”

“I’m glad you said it, and he didn’t convince you not to.”

“He/they will never change.. they don’t see the point. The point is. You noticed and you did something you thought you’d regret. You thought it broke you. It did in the best way.”

These are all things I wrote down in my journal from friends and my family… but the best thing said to me this past year wasn’t about me becoming me again, finding strength, moving on, etc. it was with my aunt about mountains that’s summed it all up:

I was sitting on my patio. Lost in thought. My neighbor at the time who was my aunt came over with a tea. She looked at me, hugged me while I cried, and said, ” I now know why you’re a mountain girl. You were given this mountain to climb… yes you cry, you feel anger, but it gives you perspective. It shows you how manipulative he is. How you made the only choice you could to save you, because you’d die trying to save him. You can’t save him. You are a mountain girl, because you climb even when it’s tough. You can look back and see them down below you living their same life. And when you are at the top, you’ll finally be you again.”

We’ll, I made it to the top.

2 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. We need to hike together and swap life stories, I swear we are the same person.
    I really don’t have much else to say other than that- I feel this so deeply, and I know that though our stories may vary, I think the journey and outcome is almost 100% the same.

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