My roommate is a teacher, and we share stories daily with one another. One thing that is always common with our teacher stories and conversation, is it ends with laughter.

Teaching is so stressful. It makes us love, cry, overwhelmed, happy, sad, understand, excited, and more. In a given day I feel more than one emotion a day, and I have learned in order to deal with these emotions I need to laugh.

Like today, when I’m teaching adding and subtracting with ten frames and one of the pieces comes flying across the room and pelts my head.

Or, when a student looses her tooth within the classroom and convinces everyone that another student ate it.

Or, is reading when the word starts with an “r” and the picture of rain and the student is convinced it’s about the storm that took out all the dinosaurs.

It can be frustrating, but I continue to laugh because I feel like I’d go crazy if I cannot laugh at what’s happening.

What are some things you just have to laugh at in your classroom?

9 thoughts on “Laugh

  1. I totally agree with you about laughing every day, searching for the funny moments. They are usually very easy to find, as a teacher – because children say the funniest things!

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  2. Yes!!! This! Teaching is all about the laughter 🙂 I teach middle schoolers and the things they say everyday keep me in stitches and beaming in pride. It seriously is the very best job ❤

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  3. I can totally relate. Kindergarten is a One I am glad to have experienced, however, I am not sure how I made it out alive. They were THE definition of the “uhhh…WTF?!” face (in my opinion). Man, I’m telling you, I wish I had written down everything I heard and saw in that room. I used to say, every day, “I need a go-pro on my head” because NO ONE EVER BELIEVED the things I told them. It was INSANE haha but honestly all I could ever do was laugh, and I do miss that! 3rd graders are funny on their own- but like, smart funny. I have a kiddo who is WISE AND WITTY beyond his years and he knows it and he knows I know it and he says something daily that makes me rethink what I say because he catches on to everything and can make a joke out of anything. It’s awesome.
    I think my favorite thing to “just laugh about” is the spelling- my GOSH it is HORRENDOUS. But man do they reaaaallllllyyyy try and hear all those sounds. “Ushualleey” is one of my faves.
    Ugh. My face hurts from smiling at all these things. Kids are amazing.

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    1. Yes and when they come up with incredible stories about what happened at recess! Today we made pencil toppers for a kinder biz town were hosting and one kid made it a wand and was running around putting spellings on kids.. and the kids would act it out. I had to let it happen because it was incredible!!! The wtf face is perfected by not only them but me.. hahahahaha I love it.

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  4. I love to laugh with my kiddos at school! It’s good for everyone! When I taught first grade, I thought they should be hired out to create vanity license plates. I have third graders now, and their budding attempts at being intellectual are funny.
    Liam: I have two comments about the main character…
    Abbi: I’m deciding to disagree with your opinion about… she has a lot of emotions and luggage in her life…
    Oliver: I have five comments and a follow up question for Liam…
    Cami: I’m going to have a diploma from on-line college before he even ask the follow up …

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