Last year I discovered that I ruined the best relationship I ever had with someone, it was with myself. I constantly kept breaking promising with myself for someone/a group of people who didn’t appreciate or reciprocate..

I know it’s a Pinterest thing, “don’t break a promise with yourself,” and I was for years. Last year I finally snapped. I was being taken advantage of, and my body was physically rejecting it. I had migraines, insomnia, and knots on my back the size of fist.

When I decided I come first, I literally felt the stress leaving my body. That moment changed my perspective of my own self worth, my relationship with myself, and even my stigma on mental health.

Last year, I promised to never let myself get as low as I was.

I promised to share my experiences with others… if they asked.

I promised to mentally check in with my self, and then fix the problem if possible.

I promised that my classroom is my safe place, and should be for the students and people that enter it.

I promised to teach my students that anger is okay, but acting angry isn’t.

I promised to teach my students the safe outlets for stress.

I promised to teach them how to ask for help in all areas.

I promised to teach them how to calm down and communicate what they need.

I promised to always be there for a student, present or former, to be their shoulder, ear, and support.

I promised these things to myself, and my students because it is something I knew I needed but didn’t know how to get. I didn’t even know I was in a dark hole until I was out of it.

What do you promise your self and your students?

4 thoughts on “I promise

  1. This is so very powerful. Learning to advocate for yourself is so hard, and I’m so proud of you for growing through that hard. I try to promise my students the same things as you- the love, the security, the safe space to release stress and emotion. That’s how I know you’re an amazing teacher- it’s clear you care so very deeply for your little friends. WOW. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’m so proud of you and you are so strong! Safe outlets for stress and how to calm down and communicate were two things my therapist worked on with me last year when I was going through my rough time and I so wish I had those strategies earlier on in my life- so thank you for teaching your students that! It is just as important as anything else we teach.
    I am SO happy you put yourself first again. It’s amazing what happens when we do. A totally new sense of self worth and a realization that nothing and no one should ever take over YOU.
    The biggest thing I’ve promised myself lately is to not let someone redirect my life in ways I don’t want. I was willing to give up a lot for people in the past, and throughout this past year I’ve finally realized how much I was disturbing my future by conforming and agreeing to what anyone and everyone else wanted.
    I’m happy for you and lucky to go through life with people as open as you to make me remember I’m not alone in these thoughts and situations!

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