4:37 my alarm fills my room. I sit up, throw my hair into a bun, and put on my tennis shoes. I hop into my car, teeth chattering due to the 7 degree weather outside, and I head to my gym. Time for my daily run.

I’m a huge runner. I have been since I was younger. It just started with me being good at it, and then evolved to my mind needing it. I constantly crave excessive, not only because it makes my body feel good, but because it eases my mind.

When I run, my mind goes free. I wonder to my subconscious, and if I’m lucky I can run long enough to get a runners high. At a young age, I realized running helped me figure out where my priorities are. It helps me discover where, and if, I had anxieties in a situation. It helped me find out what really matters to my current state, and sometimes helps me solve or figure out my next steps or solutions.

My girlfriends often call me the runner.

“Don’t run again Mads.”

It’s not only because I am an avid runner, but because I tend to run from situations if they give me anxiety. So when I notice myself running or withdrawing from a situation… I then physically go run to figure out the why. Why does it scare me? Why is it giving me anxiety? Why am I avoiding it?

So when people say, “why do you workout so much?” I typically reply, “it’s for my mental health” because without running I think my life would be way more chaotic, anxiety filled, and unsure.

7 thoughts on “Run

  1. Running used to do that for me, so I get it. Now, I walk the dog or do yoga. I like the way you wove in your friends and what they say to your slice. That dialogue brought us in!


  2. I admire your dedication to running! Even if it feels necessary- I’m sure there are days when it isn’t easy to get up at that early hour. Good for you for taking self-care seriously, and giving yourself time to process life. Happy trails!


  3. It’s really cool that you can recognize why you need to run and that you can use the run to think about what you’re “running from.”
    I run for stress relief too, and I joke that I started marathon training when I started teaching. Well, maybe it’s not a joke.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I, too love running! I may start out my run irritated, upset, anxious, whatever the negative feeling, and I always end up happy- smiling- feeling much better about my life and any state of mind I may have been in. And if I’m already in a good mood when I start my run, I always end up feeling even better! Do you listen to music when you run? I have to- but its chill music, like Mumford and suns, Noah Kahan, Ben Howard… it totally soothes my mind and sets a good pace!


  5. I too am a runner – early morning, but outside. I love being outside – rain, shine, snow or wind. I run with a group every morning. We are close. We laugh, we cry, we problem solve, we listen. We also completely understand if someone declares they need solo space on the run – half a block behind or earbuds in. Running is about what you need — I don’t know what I would do without it. I agree with Melanie – the dialogue drew me in -it was well placed and added a layer of meaning to your slice.

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  6. Running is exactly the same for me. I’ve been running for 23 years. It has changed my life. I’m currently trying to run 365 straight days (my daughter challenged me on July 26). Yesterday was day 221.:) I hear you about the naysayers (or at least the people who ask why we workout with a skeptical look on our face), but I ignore them. I do it for me. As a teacher, how often to you get to do something for yourself? Happy running and writing!


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