I am about to start my opinion writing within my Kindergarten classroom, and it made my think of my own opinion on topics. Here are my random thoughts and opinions about things I am involved with.

It’s my opinion.. that not all dogs know they are dogs.

It is my opinion.. that writing in pen is way more satisfying than writing in pencil.

It is my opinion..that every teacher should observe three classrooms a year within and out of their district for new ideas and management skills.

It is my opinion..that books are way better than movies.

It is my opinion..that you have more than one type of love in your life. I mean loves, as in soulmates.

It is my opinion..that mountains are way better than beaches.

It is my opinion..that people hide the truth to protect themselves from others reactions.

It is my opinion..that everyone needs to see a therapist just like they see a dentist. A check up unless another area needs extra attention.

It is my opinion..that some girls do not understand girl code.

It is my opinion..that kids need to be kids. They need to be given creativity, exploration, and play.

It is my opinion..that kids also need to be motivated to help themselves succeed, but also others.

It is my opinion..that teacher of the year is an amazing award, but should not change your motives for teaching. We do it for the kids, not the title.

It is my opinion..that salty is better than sweet.

It is my opinion..that you need to rebel once in your life in an appropriate manner. More to come on how I did this in the past week.

It is my opinion..that you need to do what is best for yourself, and in a way that lets others know they are valued and appreciated.



14 thoughts on “My Opinion

  1. I love your list of opinions. It is effective how you italicized ‘in my opinion’. I will have to give this format a try. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I love opinion writing with kindergarteners! One of my kindergarten teachers hates the opinion unit, but I have never understood why. Kindergartners have opinions about everything, and they’ve not afraid to tell you what they think about anything. I agree with many of your opinions, except the salty/sweet one. Sweet is way better. 🙂 I like the way you used what you are teaching to launch into your own ideas.


    1. I love doing would you rather with my kiddos, because their reasoning is amazing! I think student opinions are a lot of my inspiration since their perspective on life is incredible.


  3. As I read through your list, I found myself agreeing and disagreeing and giving reasons in my head. A true sign that we are in a list of opinions. I wanted to add something to this one: “It is my opinion..that kids need to be kids. They need to be given creativity, exploration, and play.” The word “time.” Without time or these, building knowledge and skills seems a bit pointless in their world.


  4. I am doing opinion writing with my 2nd graders right now!
    I relate to many of your opinions. Salty IS better than sweet (but IMO- sour remains the champion). Books are usually better than movies- girls definitely don’t all know the girl code- and I’m excited to hear how you rebelled in an appropriate way 🙂 Happy day 3, friend!


  5. It is my opinion… that your kindergarteners are going to do awesome with this writing task.:) Are you planning to share a few with them? I hope. I love numbers #4 and #5. I love my wife (and most days she loves me – I think:), but we love our children in a completely different way (more than we have loved anything else). Thanks for sharing and getting me thinking about my own opinions. Have a wonderful day!

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  6. Oh this was fun to read! I definitely agree with some and others I can counter with my own opinion 😉 For example, I love the way a pencil looks on paper vs a pen- however, in my opinion, flair markers take the cake every time! As for the mountains and the beach….this is often so hard for me! The mountains totally free me- like, a feeling I can never really put in to words. And the beach… It’s almost like, the mountains make me realize, and the beach makes me wonder… my mind is so clear and open and free in the mountains; but at the beach..I’m always thinking, wonder, examining…
    Your opinions about kids are SPOT on- along with the therapy opinion.
    PS cant wait to read about your rebel experience! 🙂


  7. Totally agree with observing classrooms. This year was the first time I did that outside of Missouri and it was a shocker! So many great ideas.


  8. Yes, this is a great list with so much food for thought, would love to hear the opinions of some of your kindergarteners in the future! It is so good to realise that you can have an opinion and it may be challenged, but it is still YOUR opinion!


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