A year ago from today..

Wow. All I can say is wow. I was in a point of my life where I made a decision, and I regretted it for days, months, and thought I messed up my whole life. Yet, now looking back. I could not be happier. I could not be more proud. I left a situation I thought I was stuck in, I thought was normal. I thought it was happiness.

Today, I am in an incredible place. I am traveling monthly to new amazing places, my carrier is flying, and I am so happy. I mean, it is a typical pinterst motto. ” I am happy because I choose to be,” but I really am. I decided to do this life I am in today, and I was scared, but so happy I did it. I made a terribly hard decision one morning, woke up, said a phrase, and my life changed. I regretted it instantly, due to fear. I hated it. I wanted to quit it. Although, I had friends who saw through it, a dad who voiced it, and saw actions from others that reassured it. I did not see that til months later, but I am happy they were my tough love.

A year ago from today I thought…

  • I’d be married
  • teaching fifth grade
  • I’d be in a house
  • I’d own a dog
  • I’d see Hawaii
  • running and fit, finally.
  • I’d be happy

Today I see..

  • I am happy
  • with an amazing man
  • in an apartment with my best college friend
  • teaching kindergarten (due to an amazing thing)
  • don’t own a dog, but a pet rock a student made me.
  • fit to my own expectations.
  • going to Hawaii next week.
  • loving my job, and convincing others to join the mission of being a teacher.
  • I am happy.

8 thoughts on “Oh The Places You’ll Go

  1. Funny how things work out for us.

    I once heard Joe Biden give some advice on TV. He advised not to plan more than a year in advance. I have tried to follow his advice (though I sometimes need to plan farther ahead for work!) so that I don’t feel as though life isn’t living up to my too-grand expectations.


    1. I am amazed you know that.. my best friend told me that. It is do not expect so you are never disappointed, but do your best so you know you gave it your all. You’re hard work is always expected, regardless of the out come.


  2. As somebody who read your stuff last year (and somebody so happy to see you back this year! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) This almost brought me to tears! I am in a very similar spot in my life- last year was a big one and where I am now is very different than where I thought I’d be. I am so SO happy you are happy, and that you are feeling content with where you are now. So happy. Happy Saturday, friend! Glad you’re back for year 2!

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