I saw this post earlier and cannot remember who posted it! Although, here are 31 things about me…


  1. I love reading.
  2. I love running and working out. I have since I was little it is my escape from the real world.
  3. I am a major beer girl.
  4. I am one year single from someone I thought I’d marry, and could not thank this experience more… more to come on this.
  5. I found my true friends again..
  6. I am experience new love which is scary.
  7. I am going to Hawaii next week to visit my college bff.
  8. I am one of four kids within a family that is loud, yet I am considered the loud one.
  9. My family got two new dogs which I found out they received via my sisters instagram and my life long bff who lives in Cincinnati.
  10. I am a very private person unless you ask, than I tell everything.
  11. If you want my opinion, you’ll get it.
  12. I love egg salad.
  13. I read almost every day to escape reality.
  14. I love my spotify playlist and love finding new music.
  15. If I could, I would do everything in the outdoors.
  16. I may have found the true one.
  17. Yet, I have major concerns with this feeling.
  18. I love dark nail polish.
  19. I do not tan
  20. My hair is a fro
  21. I think teaching is my first soulmate.
  22. Neil Young-heart of gold and old man are my favorite songs..
  23. My family means everything to me.
  24. I have a little brother who is 16, and he is who I want to be when I grow up.
  25. Fleetwood Mac is my morning jam.
  26. I wish I lived away form Saint Louis sometimes, but love where I am.
  27. I am a country girl.
  28. I love fishing, yet hate being in lake water.
  29. I miss my Grandpa daily.
  30. My sister has down syndrome and is the main reason I am a teacher
  31. I have been nominated for Teacher of the Year and tried to quit it.

10 thoughts on “31 Little Things

  1. Love this! And I think we could be best friends! I especially love #10. I think there are some people who share a lot about their lives, but at the same time have certain parts of their lives which are very private. But then again, maybe that is everyone! Have fun in Hawaii.

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    1. I think there are people who know what it means to have an inner circle, and than people who knows what it means to be private until needed other wise. I am excited to go on this journey with you!

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  2. It was interesting to read your list – the big things and the small, the past and the now. I like that you included egg salad in the mix of love, family, job and things you like to do. Happy Writing!

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  3. Love this idea…such a fun way for us writers to get to know one another. I may have to steal this idea for a future slice! Your #18 and #21 speak to my heart… Dark nails and teaching soul mate (I may use this to explain why I’m still single LOL)!

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    1. yes!! please do! I love it! It sparks inspiration for sure.. and I fully believe no one can understand me fully until they understand that my love for my students is first and forever.


  4. I liked your list, too. I think it’s amazing that a list like this can open a window into the soul of a complete stranger. It reminds me of the little cootie catchers we made when we were kids, or other things when we were children, likes/dislikes quizzes, (drawing our favorite bands on book covers in middle school) etc that helped us clue into likes and dislikes.

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