On May 8th, my little sister was born. She is hilarious. She is loud. She loves swinging. She is my idol. She is caring. She’s a fighter. She is forgiving. She is my best friend.

It is National Down Syndrome Day. The 21st for the 21 chromosome. I remember the day my sister was born, I didn’t even see her as someone with downs. My parents acknowledge that she has downs, but it is not a crutch. My Mother always said, “She has downs, but she is my sister. She is still capable of doing great things, doing all things she wants, just at a different rate.” To this day she still states this, even when people discriminate or give her things without her working for them. She makes my sister independent, capable, and confident.

I tell everyone that my sister is the athlete of my family. She really is. Although, my little brother is on Varsity hockey as a Freshman. My older brother went to state multiple times for both soccer and track. Myself, a Division 1 athlete. She is the athlete. She plays soccer, basketball, softball, bowling, track, dance, and volleyball. She is always a team player, yet always the first one picked.

Her sports team is also her core friend group. Over the years, they have become a second family. If another one of Jessica’s friends has a surgery or graduates we all are there to help and support. If a family member is in need, we all lend a hand. We understand things about one another families that others just can’t get, because they haven’t experienced it. It isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a fact.

So, today I celebrate my sister, my family, and all the families who are lucky enough to have a child, sibling, or friend with Downs, because my sister truly is a family blessing.


7 thoughts on “21

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your sister! I always think that a family grows in its capacity to face whatever challenges come its way. I have known students whose sisters, or brothers had special circumstances to address and in almost every case, the family was more tightly knit and supportive than many others who had it “easier.” This is sweet and heartfelt. You are ALL lucky to have each other.

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  2. So funny how life works — I was in a school today and learned of 21 Day – National Down Syndrome Day. It was the first I have heard of it and was surprised. This evening, the title of your post caught my eye and now twice in one day I learn of today’s celebration. This is a lovely tribute. Your lead said it all to me: She is hilarious. She is loud. She loves swinging. She is my idol. She is caring. She’s a fighter. She is forgiving. She is my best friend. Thank you for sharing and I know next year I will be sure to celebrate.

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