Sun peaks in through my window as I slowly start to wake up. I feel extremely well rested and calm…until I look at my clock. 7:33. A good hour and a half past my usual alarm. I leap out of my bed, throw on a dress so I don’t have to match, brush my teeth, skip the coffee, and rush out the door.

I proceed to go back in the door because I forgot my lunch. Back to the car. Back to the door for my purse. Check to make sure I have a set of tennis shoes and workout clothes for my hike after school. Zip out the drive way.

Turn on spotify…”waiting” not enough storage. Change to radio. Silly talk show over eggs. Back to spotify, still waiting, back to radio. Then to silence.

8:01. Pull up to school. Park. Jump out (without teacher bag). Back to car. Back to walking. Three questions over students and meetings by the time I reach my hall.

8:06. Reach my room, unlock the door, rush and prepare for my day.

5 thoughts on “Overslept

  1. I wish I could throw on a dress right now- feet and feet of snow outside my window- no school today and I’m wondering about tomorrow. Can’t wait for tennis shoes and hikes!! Hope your day was still good!

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  2. Yikes was my first response too! Fortunately I have 2 daughters and my husband here, so oversleeping isn’t really something that is likely to happen. Not to mention my 2 furry cockapoos who would be licking my face by 7am if I wasn’t up! Hope your day went better once you settled in.

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