“Good morning, Maddy! How are you?”

“Ugh, It’s Monday. How are you?”

She laughs, raises her coffee, and says cheers to that!

My thought about two minutes later as I unlock my door was, “Ugh, Maddy that doesn’t help you.”

That was my response! Can you believe it?! So negative and very unsettling now that I look back at it! As you have read before, I am trying so hard to improve my self-care and this was not helping me! That automatically started my school day on a negative foot.

Although that statement was very negative, I am proud of my thought process after. Usually I would of kept it negative, texted Danny about how I hated Mondays, and start working. Instead, I took a deep breath, thought of three positives for this Monday and for being at work, and then started my work. I felt so much better and relaxed. I challenged the negative thoughts and won.

I challenge you to challenge your negative thoughts today, it really helps!

*I often journal about my negative thoughts at the beginning or end of the day. Then challenge them in writing saying why they are wrong! Give it a try! 


5 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Thank you for this honest reflection. It can be so easy to point out the negative – what needs to be fixed, what’s wrong, a host of other corrections. Our 15 year old son often tells us that we only comment on the negative. What does that tell us about our approach to life? Are we really focusing so heavily on the negative that we are missing the positive? Your post has inspired me to be more aware of the thoughts that leave my mind as they certainly make an impression on those around me. Here’s to positive thinking!


  2. I could relate…had to perform my own magic this morning to change the anxiety I felt when I first awoke to a state of peace. Make it a good day!

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