I am awaken at 5:17 this morning by my lovely alarm clock. I put on my work out clothes and head to the yoga studio five minutes from my house.

The whole drive I keep thinking about how I want to go back to bed, and how I really do not want to be doing this right now. I pull up to the studio before I have time to turn around.

I grab my mat, walk through the parking garage, and head into the studio. I see the usual suspects. The girl who can fold in many ways that humans shouldn’t. The extremely sweet mother and daughter. The instructor with an incredible playlist and insight of life. Then me. The girl who really just wants to be in bed.

The heat kicks on. The music starts. Our flow is going. The sweat is pouring. My thoughts stop. An hour later and I am relaxed, stretched, extremely sweaty, and calm. Although I am still tired, I am proud of myself for going.

Lately, I have been trying to get better at self-care. This is helping me escape the crazy world of my life and teaching, calm my anxiety, and learn how to just breathe in the moment. Personally, I thought I’d hate yoga, but after years and years of competitive soccer, running on a hard treadmill at 12 mph, extreme heavy lifting, and constant stairs…yoga was just what I needed.  Although I still do some of those things, just at a MUCH slower pace.

So yes, I am super tired, but overall proud and empowered that I made it there and started my day on a great foot!


8 thoughts on “Nameste

  1. I am so impressed that you were able to push through and leave the house so early! I SO wish I could be the type of person who gets up early to go workout before school…but the softness of my bed and the sweet purring of my fur baby just holds on tight each morning instead!

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  2. I miss yoga! I need to get back in to it! Right now I’m doing jujitsu but I may give that up and switch back to yoga for a bit- can’t afford both or I totally would!!


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