It has been a while since I have wrote, and I am so happy to be back! It refreshing to know that March is here, a new month, a new challenge, and a new start.

February was a rough month for me. My Masters has been extremely hard and I am going through some major life changes.

March is a refreshing time for me. Slice of Life is back, Spring is coming, Spring Break is on the horizon (thank goodness), May is only two months away (I will be done with my Masters), and my birthday is coming up.

It is a time for new beginnings, new transitions, a time for self-care, self achievement, and finding my whole self.  I have been doing a lot for others and need to find my old self. So hold on tight and lets see if I can make a positive change, which I think it will be, but only time can tell!

5 thoughts on “Welcome March! I am SO glad you’re here.

  1. Maybe writing will help you with your major life changes. You don’t have to post everything here, but maybe the daily habit will help you journal and reflect outside the challenge. Wishing you a wonderful SOLSC18!


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