This summer I did a lot… I went to Austin, Texas. I hiked a lot of parks. I went to the lake multiple times. I celebrate two of my favorite SLU couples this summer. I had a family reunion with my 52 cousins and 95 year old grandma. I read 10 books too. Oh, and my friends and I are going camping soon. It was an amazing summer.

Sadly, I also found out this summer I will be getting knee surgery. I played soccer in college and found out my knee cartilage is very weak and needs some touching up. I will be having the surgery and won’t be able to work out even for 3 months. I am going to go crazy! Working out keeps me sane. I always loved working out, even when I was younger. I crave it sometimes. To get me through these times…my boyfriend and I will be attending every since paved park within our area to keep me sane! I am a little nervous for this experience, but just like a half marathon I have the best partner to succeed, my boyfriend.

Here is us after we finished out first half together…and more to come. We are starting to even get into trail marathons!



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