I recently just moved into a house in an area called Kirkwood. We are renting the house and call it our temporary home, but we love it! We love being able to ride our bike to the market, go to the park, fish, we already went to a Thursday night concern, we are 15 minutes from our favorite garden/date spot, and so much more. We love the move!

Today, when I was thinking about writing about our move, I also thought of the different types of moves. There is moving on, moving from, moving away, moving around, moving location, and moving jobs. Moving is a big part of my life. I am constantly moving. I hate sitting still and I hate “blobbing.” I am the worst person to take to the movies because that is way to much time of just sitting. When we took a vacation to the beach it was okay for two days, we went to Cancun, then I was ready to stop reading and start moving. I am a mountain girl, not a beach girl. Moving is part of me.

Moving on…

Moving on is hard for me. I hate goodbyes so much because I cannot move on from them. I miss easily, I think a lot about the what ifs, and I think about the future. When I broke up with my high school sweetheart it was hard for me to move on. I loved the company, but couldn’t see myself with him long term. I loved being around him and with him when it was just him, but hated how he treated others. It took me awhile to move on and years to find the next guy, but I am glad I moved on rather than take him back.

Moving on with a job is hard. Jumping grades is scary. I was recently asked by my new principle where I see myself in 5 years. I listed a couple possible situations, but kept saying I don’t know if I can do it. He goes, “You’ll need to move on, but I honestly think you can do all of that.” It was nice to hear, but scary. What if I can’t move on (see there is my what ifs…).

Moving away…

I have moved away from my small town outside KC, MO when I was in high school. I had the best friends there, the best BBQ, and I didn’t want to leave my long horn cattle. It was hard. I had to move away and my parents weren’t letting me stay. That move away from KC gave me my college of SLU. I moved away from my parents house and went to SLU (not really moving away, but I rarely went home). It was nice because if I needed my mom or dad I drove my 45 minutes and was there. I met amazing friends there and an incredible guy there so I am glad I moved away from KC. All my high school friends moved away. They did for college and now jobs. I have a friend who is a Navy Seal, two who live together in Seattle, one who is moving to Ohio, one in Dallas, one in New York, one in Chicago, one in Springfield, one in D.C, one in Hawaii. They all moved away, they changed their life, and they love it. It makes me think I need to move away…

Moving forward…

This can be getting a new job. Moving forward to the next step in education, moving forward after a friend treats you poorly, or moving froward after my boyfriend or I mess up. It can be moving forward and not talking back to the girl who snapped you to make herself feel better. Its moving forward to be the better person. You can move forward for the better or the worse, but you always have to move forward to learn and grow.

Moving is a hard concept for me to grasp. My body is always moving, my mind is always moving, things are always moving, but I think it is how you react to moving. I love moving. It scares me, makes me think of the what if’s, and makes me uncomfortable. This all helps me grow, change, evolve, and become who I am met to be. Moving is a great stressor in a lot of peoples lives, but it always can help you learn how to live your life.


9 thoughts on “Moving..

  1. We live our lives in constant motion – reflection is so essential. I enjoyed yours here on facets of moving. I especially love the part about embracing moving (or change, etc.) and not fearing it. Life is short. Fear limits; embracing sets us free.

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  2. I love this post- I can relate to it on many levels! I have the same thought process and I am constantly wondering if my moves are the “right” moves. It can be super scary! My boyfriend is currently living/working 6 hours away from me and I am torn between what kind of “move” to make. The move to be with him, but that would leave SO much uncertainty in my professional life; the move to change my way of thinking which could potentially keep me from being so stressed/overwhelmed and sad with our situation, or the move to just “take the plunge” and “trust” that life will work itself out! Too many options, and we never truly know what move is the correct one.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. That’s the scariest part about it, never knowing the other outcome. I admire you and your boyfriends commitment that is rare these days! I know it’s so hard to adjust and understand our path, but we have them. whenever I’m feeling scared or overwhelmed I think of proverbs 16:9, I do not mean to offend you or make your uncomfortable but you should check out that verse!

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  3. Every time I have moved I have dreaded the idea at first. I hate the packing and rearranging of life. But then I have found myself feel so happy in the new place (new state, new homes, new classrooms, new country!) and have felt excited about the adventure. It is definitely what you make of it!

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