My hands are sweating. My knee won’t stop jumping up and down. Up and down. He reaches for my hand to calm my knee, “What is wrong Maddy?” I can’t say. I won’t say. I refuse to say…

He looks at me with a nervous look. I sit silent. Hands sweating and my knee jumping. Silence…

Ding…Ding…Ding. Friend after friend asking…

“Where are you?”

“How much longer do you have to stand that?”

“Are you okay?”

“Let me know how I can help. I am always here for you!”

Gravel is crunching under my car tires. We hit pot hole after pot hole. We make our way down to my families lake house. Windows down, music off, wind in my hair, hands sweating, knee jumping, I can’t stop this…this needs to end!

We approach the house, he stops the car a house before my parents, “That looks like Jakes truck…” He continues to drive. He looks at me…”Maddy, where are your parents?”

“Just keep driving,” I respond. Hands dripping, knees going crazy, phone blowing up, this is bad. I need to calm down.

We walk down the stairs. I am now smiling, whole body jumping…we turn the corner and SURPRISE!

Fifteenth of our closes friends are on the deck, music blaring, hugs exchanged, all smiles. My knees are calm, my hands are only somewhat sweating, and we surprised Danny. Happy 25th to the greatest man I know.






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