My parents call me the mix child. I am a lot of my moms Type A personality, this is what we need to do to make it happen, but a lot of my dad’s Type B relaxed personality but when it happens we work hard to finish it. My parents are both extremely hard workers, won’t stop til it’s done, stubborn, and realistic individuals. Whenever I have a problem they don’t let me complain, it’s not in my blood, they always ask “What are you going to do to fix it?” They taught me early to problem solve, and if I need help they will be there for me, but complaining about it is not a healthy option.

Again, I’m the mix child. I am my mom when it comes to planning an event, action, or idea, but I’m my dad with completing the task the first time with hard work and determination.
When I get something in my head I need to get it done. Danny, my boyfriend, says I am fine line of stubborn sometimes. I don’t let things get in the way of my plan, even life. It upsets me, throws me off, and throws a major wrench in my process when life pops up, which it does often. I let it defeat me sometimes and I let it get the best of me-I’m working on that.

Why does this all matter? Well, I’m suppose to move into a new house on Thursday. Suppose to…. the bathrooms aren’t done, the washer and dryer aren’t in, and the people I’m renting for think it’s okay. Well, on Thursday I’m suppose to be out of my apt with the keys turned in. I start summer school teaching, novel engineering, and my masters starts up again Monday. Need to plan one of my best friends Bachelorette parties in Austin, order tanks, plan the events, but I can’t without the maid of honor. I’m stressed.

This is not okay. Internally I’m going nuts. I try to be level headed like Danny. “It’ll work out,” I think to myself. I’m trying to convince myself it’s fine, but it’s not. I’m lost with no where to go. It’s a terrible waiting game, and I can’t do anything about it. I must be patient.

Not how I wanted my summer to go that’s for sure.

I call Danny who’s at work to complain… he responds, “what are you going to do to fix it?” Well, I can’t fix it. It’s out of my hands, so I can’t get upset. I’ve done my part-still mad though.

So this summer is off to a bumpy start, but it’ll work out. I get to go to Austin, the lake house, and enjoy my time off. I’m still stressed, but my part is done. So I’m going to sit down, read my new book, and enjoy my coffee while I can.


2 thoughts on “Not in my plan..

  1. I can hear how on edge you are. I hope it works out for you. And that you can find some way to de-stress. Good Luck. You got me thinking about what kind of “mix” I am……Definitely, a type A (my husband says “Triple A” which is not a compliment. I need to believe it will all work out, and so do you! Again, good luck!


  2. Yes, your plate is full. I would be bonkers, too. Do you make lists? Does that help you like it does me? I love crossing things off. (I’m also big on prayer.) You will survive. Everything will be okay (says every mother everywhere), but it really will.


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