This morning as I was walking into the gym, struggling to find motivation to workout and write, I thought “what if I just go to school now and get so much done…” I almost turned around right then and there, but I couldn’t. I then thought about the “what if” I don’t workout, man will I be cranky. I am terrible at thinking about the what ifs, I can barely pick out a pillow without thinking, “What if I got the other pillow?”

Life is full of little what if moments, I tend to think about them a lot. Last night, I went to my old school to talk to my old coworkers and see one of my students that has been causing chaos at school. My first thought, was what if I didn’t go and see them, would they care? Would it help him if I didn’t go? Turns out it was just what he needed, and my old coworkers were the pick up I needed to complete the year!

What if I applied to a new districts this year… well, I wouldn’t see my coworker and one of my good friends work his magic as our new assistant principle next year. What if I do it next year..

What if I didn’t break up with my first boyfriend, I’d probably be engaged and miserable. Oh god, what if I was getting married right now?! That’d be fun, but I’m saving the little money I have for Europe. Maybe in a year or five…

What if I didn’t write my struggling student that note of encouragement, every morning?! I’m not sure I want to think of that what if.

What if I didn’t meet Danny that night on the window sill… my life wouldn’t be as full of laughter and love, that’s for sure.

My life is full of what ifs, I’m not sure what would happen if I did some things differently, but I know I would have some amazing people in my life I did, or would I? What if..?


3 thoughts on “What if…

  1. What if, indeed?! Many times I’ve laughed and had one of my students ask me what’s so funny. “My lot in life,” I reply, “My lot in life.” We never know what could have been, and we don’t know what the future brings, but we do know what’s right. Thanks for a great slice–it’s inspiring!


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