May is a big month for me, my family, and friends! I’m doing a twist on currently and making it a mix of currently excited for, thinking, looking forward to, and doing that all will happen in May!

Currently excited for…

  • SUMMER! Also extremely sad about school ending, I’ll miss these kids.
  • Moving into my new house in 24 days!!
  • Going to the lake in two weeks for one of Danny and Is best friend, Abby!
  • Looking forward to Danny’s birthday! Lots of surprise for the big 25!

Currently thinking…

  • how is are my students going to transition into middle school. Will they love it? Will they miss me? Will one of my students make it?
  • how am I going to tell all my relatives that I am only keeping some of the furniture they gave me.
  • what will my first 5k experience look like this weekend with Girls on the Run! I heard its craziness.
  • why Danny always has to ask permission to do things like hang out with friends, but then I remind myself of his past.
  • How amazing my sister is, yesterday was her birthday!

Currently doing…

  • riding the bike at the gym doing an old Slu workout, regret doing it!
  • making my shopping list for my summer job of teaching Novel Engineering!
  • pinning couch ideas for the new living room.
  • texting my sister pictures from her Birthday party so she can Instagram them!

4 thoughts on “Busy May Days

  1. Love this twist on Currently! I’ll need to remember this for a future post. It’s nice to get a peek into your every day life and your thoughts! I’m currently excited for summer as well! The countdown is on! Good luck with the new move and thank you for sharing!

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  2. It is so much the season for being busy, isn’t it?! I love how you’ve captured all that you’re doing, thinking, and being excited about all at the same time. I hope your run goes well–embrace the craziness!


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