Currently, within the city I live in, there is massive flooding taking place. Schools, bridges, businesses, roads, and so much more are under water. All the houses at my boyfriends hunting property were swept away. Then on top of that, road closures are causing everyone to take alternate routes or wait in traffic for countless hours.¬† It is very devastating and stressful for those communities being affected. Flooding like this has happened before, but they said this year it’ll be worse. We are just sitting ducks and have to let Mother Nature take her toll. Like my friend always says, “Respect the river because it does what it wants and doesn’t care who you are.”

This morning, I wake up to the sound of opera and the smell of breakfast. Mind you, not coming from my apartment. It was 5:17 and my neighbor was blaring her music prepping for the day. Dazed and confused, I lay there hoping the noise would go away and that the breakfast would magically appear on my night stand. Shockingly, neither happened.

It’s 5:34. I have yet to fall back asleep and my boyfriend text me, “Good morning!” I debate texting back what was on my mind, “Yeah right, she’s blaring her music again, traffics going to be terrible, and I’m still sleepy!” Knowing my boyfriend who is always positive and can find the light in any moment I decide to wait to hit send.

I then decided I can wait for my 6:07 alarm to go off or I can wake up and be productive. My coworkers were all discussing last night how bad traffic was going to be and how they’d have to leave early. So I decide to get dressed in some workout clothes, pack my lunch, and head to the local gym right by my school. As I’m driving listening to music, I subconsciously forgot about the flooding taking place within my city. There is only a couple cars on the road with me so I don’t even think about traffic.

While at the gym, my phone dings, it’s my coworker. She’s already asking me to cover her class this am because her town is basically and island with only one road out! Another ding, same thing. Another ding, this time it’s Facebook, two coworkers called in. Turns out, majority of my coworkers live in areas that are being greatly affected. Two coworkers aren’t even staying at theirs houses. Talk about stressful.

Another ding, this time it is my boyfriend. He tells me how a local road is experiencing terrible traffic- the road I usually hop on for work. Thank goodness, I’m at the gym and can take alternate routes.

I think back to how everything happens for a reason. My previous annoying and frustrating neighbor making a delicious breakfast that wasn’t for me is now a blessing and a hidden alarm clock. The random thought to go to the gym before school, which I use to do then fell out of habit with, is now mentally prepping me for another exhausting May school day. I can get to school early, enjoy my coffee, help my coworkers prep for their days, and ignore the stresses of traffic that make everything more frustrating and annoying. So yes, this morning started off on a bad foot and could of been a sign for how my day would go, but it didn’t. Now all I can say is, “that could of been bad…”


2 thoughts on “That could of been bad…

  1. Madalyn, I like your positive attitude and how you are ready to be so helpful to others in distress. Staying calm during times of unbalance and tragedy is so important. Thanks for being the first to comment on my SOL17 post.


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